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“Sarin is a consummate showman dedicated to his craft. True Vaudeville charm.” – TODD RUIZ, MANAGING EDITOR, COCONUTS BANGKOK

“He’s the star of the event!  I hired him for our networking event and he’s a superstar! everyone loves him. he brought such life to the party. He’s a great entertainer. I will definitely hire him again for our next events.” – Wework

“And entertain he does. On a recent evening, the lanky young man took his place in the spotlight before a room of about 50 people, many of whom were called upon to pick cards, thoughts or random words from books for him to guess in protracted bits of stagecraft punctuated with humour.” – Khaosod English

“Both funny and charming, Sarin’s mind-blowing act is wildly entertaining!”MAD ABOUT COMEDY

“Sarin is a powerful mentalist. Not only does he blow the audience’s minds but he leaves everyone laughing. He is a gift to the Thai comedy scene and will go on to become an international star.”Magners International Comedy Festival

“Sarin is amazing and he keeps everyone engaged and captivated. If you get the chance, don’t miss his show!” – English Camps Thailand

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