Who is Sarin The Mentalist?

My name is Sarin.

I am a Bangkok-based Entertainer … a Mindreader.

Yes, your audiences and guest’s attention will grasp by this type of show. They will leave your event with “Literally Amazing Experience”(LAE).

What is a mindreader? A mindreader is someone who performs feats that demonstrate extraordinary mental powers, such as mind-reading.

Don’t worry that I’ll scare anyone: I’m very friendly, funny, and humble. I won’t reveal anyone’s hidden secrets. It’s all for fun.

My show lets audience members participate, get their minds read, and enjoy themselves. Not much point to reading my own mind, is there?

I perform Mindreading show all over Bangkok, mostly in comedy clubs. Normally I entertain Expats, Tourists, and private parties. I can work in both Thai and English.

What is my service?

I offer The Stage Mindreading show delivered to your event. And guarantee to be highly interactive, fun and amazing!